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The Employer of Record definition

An Employer of Record service is a tripartite relationship between the freelancer, the customer and the umbrella company (SKALIS). According to the country, this relationship may be called Employer of Record, umbrella company, payroll service, “Lohnträgerschaft” or “portage salarial”.

The freelancer signs a labor contract with SKALIS. The freelancer brings the mission to SKALIS. The freelancer may stop the relationship with SKALIS at any time with legal delays. The freelancer may go the mission through another company of through his/her own company.

The client is bound to SKALIS by a service contract in which SKALIS provides the freelance consultant to carry out the mission. The customer may stop the service providing with the same legal delays than the customer may stop the labor agreement consultant to carry out the mission.

SKALIS was created in 2008 in France and has created subsidiaries in several European countries that offer employment contracts under local law and set up partnerships with local actors offering missions to freelancers, consultants and interim managers.

The Employer of Record advantages

  • An Employer of Record service allows freelancers to combine social security coverage and freedom, without having to manage the administrative side of things.
  • An Employer of Record service allows a company to use skills based in a country where it hasn’t a local subsidiary.
  • An Employer of Record service allows the company to combine legal security and flexibility, without the risk of requalification as a false self-employed person or labour lending.
  • An Employer of Record service allows a freelancer to live in a country with the coverage by the local social protection system through a local labor agreement.

Independence and security

Why choose an umbrella service?


Which european mobility for freelancers?

  • The Single European Act signed in 1986 allows a freelance citizen of the European Union to work in any EU country.
  • Within this framework, he can keep an employment contract of his country of residence within the framework of the status of detached worker or sign an employment contract of the country in which he carries out his mission. Agreements have been signed between the European Union and non-member countries, such as the United Kingdom or Switzerland, allowing this logic to be duplicated.
  • The umbrella company does not exist in all the countries of the European Union. It is possible to adapt the labor law in some countries to the logic of the umbrella company in which the consultant will be paid according to his working time and the generated turnover.
  • SKALIS currently offers wage portage in countries where it is legally possible or where its employment contracts have been validated by the local authorities.

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