How to become a consultant carried by an umbrella company in Luxemburg?

You are a company without any legal subsidiary in Luxemburg and you need the skills of a consultant that wants to have a local labor agreement.

You are a company that wishes to use a single billing point service to purchase services from freelancers in complete legal security,

You are a freelancer that is moving to Luxemburg and you want a local employee social protection, without having to create a legal structure in Luxemburg and are looking for an Umbrella Company,

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Let the SKALIS network, based in Luxemburg, help you launch your freelance career through wage portage.

Our mission is to help you develop your career by giving you the opportunity to have a freelance activity while benefiting from the services of an employee: a social protection and the administrative management of your activity by our platform.

We are an umbrella company with human values. Our expertise is based on the experience of our own consultants to help in the development of your career. We also give you access to a digital platform to manage your activity.


Discover Employer of Record / umbrella services in Luxemburg

You are a company without any legal subsidiary in Luxemburg and you need the skills of a consultant that wants to have local labor agreement.

Opening a subsidiary with a business banking account in Luxemburg may be complex.

Our Employer Of Record service is the solution for you. The consultant will become our Employee in Luxemburg with local payslips and will sign together a service agreement. We will pay all social contributions and taxes. We will make all legal declarations. Our multilingual team (french, english, german) may help you to set the solution.


Discover our Single Billing Point service in Luxemburg for companies

You are a company working with a large number of freelancers in Luxemburg.

You want to be sure that theses freelancers have a good compliance with fiscal, social and insurance rules.

SKALIS will centralize all the freelancers invoicing and will make that compliance job for you. One single provider invoicing treatment and legal security.

For more information on our umbrella company in Luxemburg, you may make book a meeting with our consultant manager.


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